Public Safety

Public Safety/Trust & Equity

Nothing is more critical than keeping our community safe. Let’s face it, crime is on the rise in Charlotte and the public’s trust in our law enforcement is eroding.  The Keith Lamont Scott shooting and the ensuing protests opened wounds about injustice, inequity, and marginalization; all of which should have been addressed long ago.

  • Justin wants to work with our Metro and North Divisions of CMPD to facilitate more engagement around community policing. He believes that residents should know their officers and vice versa.  
  • Justin wants to mandate that our community officers make public reports about their attendance at community meeting and events to keep them accountable
  • Justin wants to give the Citizens Review Board subpoena power.
  • Justin wants to initiate a workforce training and enrichment program with our district high schools to encourage more enrollment in our police academy in hopes that those that come from our community are policing our community.

Economic Development

Economic Development/Connectivity – “Nothing about us, without us”

Justin believes that all people should have access to quality amenities and jobs.  As Charlotte grows and development continues, so should District 2.   We’ve seen large scale developments near Northlake Mall, Mountain Island Lake, and in uptown’s 3rd and 4th Wards.

  • Justin will continue to fight for public and private investment in these and other areas, especially for minority and women-owned small businesses. The West End/Five Points neighborhoods and Statesville Ave corridor are the next prime locations for strategic growth and investment in our district.
  • He is committed to seeing through the plans for the West End Initiative, Comprehensive Neighborhood Improvement (CNIP) bond projects, CityLynx GoldLine (streetcar) as well as North End “Smart District.” Projects like these are economic engines to help provide workforce development opportunities for district 2 residents while also stimulating economic growth into further corridors like Beatties Ford Rd, N. Tryon and Sugar Creek areas.
  • Justin will not support any incentives for companies or developers that do not aid in development of Charlotte’s west or east sides (the areas that need it most).

Justin values community input at every level of planning and implementation. Justin will never support a project or rezoning request that is being “done to” our community, but only will support things that are being “done with” our community.  Nothing will be about you, without you.

Neighborhood-Community Building

Neighborhood-Community Building, Preserving History – “Protecting our seniors”

Charlotte’s west side represents so much in its history for minority neighborhoods, schools and development.  Justin will never let Charlotte forget what Charlotte’s west side was – a mecca for black professionals and working class. He is committed to a returning the west side to its prominent days, while working to change the narrative of stereotypes.

  • New housing stock and new diversity are flooding District 2. When Justin and his wife, Kiara, decided to move to Biddleville-Smallwood on the west side, he saw an opportunity to live in a great community close to the things he enjoys, while also living in an area that honors those that made the history that came before him. They are now raising their son on the west side
  • Justin has a solution to the District 2 “gentrification” issue. He wants to work with the county commission and General Assembly to create special tax districts and new tax credits in historic and older neighborhoods that are seeing spikes in property values and creating displacement. This will protect our seniors!
  • Justin wants market forces to benefit the district, but never should a senior citizen homeowner lose their home due to rising values.
  • Doing these things will help create diverse communities (age, race and economic) that will also promote better schools, job growth and home value. But best of all, it will help those who have been there the longest, stay here forever.